Jack Fin Pelagus 165S

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Pelagus 165-S is a sinking stick-bait specifically designed for Tuna fishing, but is dynamite on Yellowtail Kingfish & all mid tackle species.

With an enticing wobble as it sinks, this lures attracts fish from a long way!

A versatile lure, Pelagus lends itself to multiple retrieve actions and its aerodynamics ensures great casting performances.

Recommended settings: - two single Kudako hooks #6/0 - (belly) treble hook Shout Treble 31 #2/0 or #3/0; (tail) single hook #6/0 - two treble hooks Shout Treble 31 #2/0 or #3/0  

This lure in designed for heavy fishing: fully wired with 1.8 mm stainless steel and the colours are protected by several layers of extra-strong glossy finish.

Length: 165mm

Weight: 75g