Daiwa Saltiga 2012
Daiwa Saltiga 12 Braid Over the years Daiwa Technology has set the standards for reel and rod development...
Majorcraft's Dangan 8 strand Multi-Coloured braided line has everything you can expect from a modern braided fishing line.The...
Shimano Mission Complete EX8 Shimano Mission Complete EX8 is incredibly thin and smooth for it's strength while at...
Shimano Ocea EX As with all things Shimano, their continued pursuit of excellence sees new boundaries set and...
Tasline Elite White Tasline Elite White is made in New Zealand, from the finest Spectra and other UHMWPE...
Varivas Ocean Record Shock Leader The NEW 2018 Ocean Record Shock Leader is a new Nylon material, developed...
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